How do I access my profile?

To access your profile, simply tap on the profile picture in the side menu. If you don't have a profile picture, you will see a circle with your initials inside it, tap that.
Once on your profile you will see your life time stats and recorded activities, You can change your profile and cover pictures by tapping on the one you want to change and upload a new one. you will also see a link to edit your profile where the follow button normally is.

Why Does The Current Location Marker Turn Grey?

The short answer: The app has paused the location updates.

The longer answer: There are a number of factors that can result in the marker turning grey.

• You have pressed the pause button.
• No / Poor GPS Signal
• The Application has detected that you have stopped moving and has paused the updates.

If you want to disable the app from automatically pausing the location updates you can find it under   Settings > Activity Tracking > Auto Pause

How do I connect a heart rate sensor?

To connect a heart rate sensor you must first enable it in the settings section of the app and then pair the sensor with the app.

Here are the steps required to pair a sensor.
1. Navigate to Settings -> Heart Rate Sensors -> Enable Heart Rate Sensors
2. Set your Heart Rate Sensor to pairing mode (if it has one).
3. You should now see your sensor in the list below, Simply select it and attivo will begin pairing with the sensor.
4. Once paired attivo will remember your sensor and automatically search for it when recording.
5. If you return to the record screen you will now see a new section with your hearts BPM.

If you are having issues pairing please check the manufacturers website for instructions on how to pair your specific sensor.